The ME CFS Foundation South Africa

Retha Viviers

Retha started her career in Market Research and moved onto Business Analysis and Strategic Planning. She worked in the petroleum, cement and construction industries. Projects ranged from Market Research, Health and Safety compliance, Feasibility Studies and Project Management.

Retha was diagnosed with ME/CFS and a few years later formed a closed support group for ME/CFS (and Fibromyalgia) on Facebook in November 2012. She then founded THE ME CFS FOUNDATION SOUTH AFRICA NPO early 2016.

Why she founded the Foundation:

After creating the closed support group on Facebook she became aware of the dire needs of patients for hope, companionship, financial assistance, medical treatment, special care facilities, and basic living necessities. She realised something had to be done for ME/CFS in South Africa and founded The ME CFS Foundation South Africa (it has public benefit organization status). She found a new purpose in life, one of helping others in the same or worse situation her family was in. It has become her passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others with ME/CFS and the often co-morbid illness Fibromyalgia.

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Founder and Director

  • National Senior Certificate (1984)

  • B Com (1987)

  • B Com Honours (Economics) (1991)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (1997)

  • Program in Electronic Commerce (Honours equivalent) (2002)