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Emerging evidence for a post-COVID syndrome

Dr Charles Shepherd Long-covid-and-MECFS-April-2021

Information and guidance from The ME Association UK on
Post-Covid Fatigue, Post-Covid Syndromes, Long covid
and the overlaps with ME/CFS.
Prepared by Dr Charles Shepherd
Hon Medical Adviser, ME Association UK.

Post-Covid Fatigue: A large number of people who have largely self-managed COVID-19 at home have failed to recover and return to normal levels of health within a period of one month from the onset of their initial symptoms – possibly around 20%.
In this case, based on our experience with other post-viral conditions, a diagnosis of Post-Covid Fatigue/debility, or a Post-Covid Fatigue Syndrome, may be the most suitable diagnostic label to use at this stage. 

Long Covid: A smaller number, possibly around 10%, continue to remain unwell after three months – where a diagnosis of Long Covid is often being made. In some cases a diagnosis of Long or Post-Covid ME/CFS is now being made at this



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