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Ashanti's Relay

Ashanti shares about her life

5 YEARS AGO since  August 10th 2021, I went to work not knowing that would be my last night shift as a nurse. I went to work not knowing that a virus  was going to take me down, and that 5 YEARS LATER I still will NOT have recovered.  I went to work at my dream job in my dream career on August 10th, 2016 not knowing the heartache of losing that very career—which was my life’s purpose and who I am at my core—was right around the corner.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s already been 5 YEARS since I worked as a registered nurse.  Other times it seems like it has been forever and a lifetime since I was at the bedside saving the lives of God’s tiniest angels—critically ill and premature newborn babies. 

I miss my career! I miss my old life, and today I am allowing myself the space to grieve/mourn this tremendous loss. 

Ashanti Daniel lives in Beverly Hills. California. 

Information on her photo: This is one of the brand new scrub tops (part of a complete set) that had been ordered but she NEVER got to wear.


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