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The new NICE guidelines on ME/CFS

“We are delighted that the new NICE guideline on ME/CFS has been published. Doctors with M.E. considers the launch of this guideline to be a watershed moment in the history of ME/CFS medical care in the UK, with implications that extend to those Long Covid (PASC) patients who also meet ME/CFS diagnostic criteria. The new guideline discards discredited psychological theories and therapies in favour of a more patient centred approach, driven by improved scientific understanding. It represents a positive and total paradigm change, uniting around the science, official disease classification and medico-legal compliance implications.

This translation of scientific knowledge into clinical practice is an opportunity for doctors and patients to come together to develop more concordant and productive relationships, whereby GPs and specialists are supported in offering early diagnosis, relevant investigations, symptom treatment and compassionate care.  Misdiagnosis and delays should cease to occur. Harmful Graded Exercise Therapy is discontinued and must not be replaced with renamed or rebranded versions, which would be clinically, scientifically and legally unsustainable. Accounting for systemic exertion intolerance and post exertional symptom exacerbation is at the heart of the science and the new guideline. “

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